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Private Lessons

Private Lesson Rates and Policy


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Beginning in September, we’re launching TeacherZone, our new program that handles all billing and scheduling!


  • You’ll be able to pay online!
  • You can schedule automatic payments!
  • No more forgetting your checkbook!
  • Text / email schedule reminders!
  • Student and group chat (great for rock bands!)
  • Weekly assignment notifications
  • Share video practice with your teacher!
  • Parent logins and reminders!
  • You can cancel / reschedule your lesson online!
  • Text / email reminders!
Payments will be credit card and online only, and automatic payments will FINALLY be available.


  • Studio Lessons are $32 a week for 30 minutes and $58 a week for an hour.
  • In-home lessons are $70 a week for 45 minutes and $135 for 90 minutes.
  • Lessons are paid for in advance by card. Invoices are issued mid-month, and payments are due in advance for the upcoming month on the last lesson of the preceding month.
  • If payment is made after the last day of the month, the unpaid amount will incur a 5% late fee. If more than one invoice is unpaid, we will be unable to continue lessons until the total amount is paid in full.
  • If a student starts mid-month, the fee will be prorated. Payments may not be broken into smaller amounts unless prior arrangements have been made. We do accept cash, but we do not keep cash on hand, so we are unable to make change. Any overpayment will be credited toward next month’s tuition.
  • Some months have more than 4 lessons depending on the calendar. For instance, January 2019 has 5 Tuesdays-Thursdays and 4 Fridays-Mondays, so the total tuition on a monthly invoice will vary, depending on what day of the week the student’s lessons occur.
  • **The first lesson is offered with a “satisfaction guarantee.” ** We include this lesson in continuing students’ tuition but waive our lesson fee if you walk away unsatisfied. We are confident in our approach and connection with the student, understanding the importance of an initial vibe between student and teacher.


  • If you need to cancel a lesson for any reason it must be done as soon as there is a known conflict by emailing scheduling@modemusicstudios.com or calling the studio during open hours at (206) 659-4018. A group make-up class will be scheduled as soon as you choose a class and date and notify scheduling@modemusicstudios.com or the front desk. Refunds / credits are not given for lessons cancelled by a student. If a student/parent doesn’t notify us of an absence, we are unable to offer a make-up class.
  • We will accept a cancellation and schedule a make-up lesson as long as you are able to notify us about the absence within 24 hours. If the student simply does not show up / does not call, we are unable to offer any make-up option.
  • If a teacher is unable to teach a lesson due to illness or travel, another qualified teacher will substitute for them. If a teacher/substitute teacher has to cancel a lesson for any reason they will do so as soon as the conflict is known. A make-up lesson will be scheduled or a credit will be applied to your account.
  • If there is an uncontrollable or unforeseen event that prevents any lesson from taking place, the studio will reach out immediately to inform you of any lesson that will not be held. A make-up lesson will be scheduled if possible or you will receive a half-credit to your account. Examples of such events would be inclement weather, power outages, or local/national emergencies.
  • All of our group classes are available to make up for a missed private lesson. Each lesson missed (30 minute or 60 minute) will cash in for one full hour long group class. These are hour-long classes offered to all students to give a different perspective in addition to their private lessons, whether it be a band practice or a vocal workshop. You have 1 month from your cancelled lesson to use your make-up lesson. These classes are also available to students without a make-up for $20 per class. All ages are welcome. Sign-ups are available Monday-Friday through phone, email or the front desk before the scheduled class. Drop-in is available at the time of class and will depend on capacity. Classes are available to students for $21 and non-students for $26 for the hour. Class details at modemusicstudios.com. Reschedules may be possible as a courtesy. If a student cancels or misses a make-up lesson that has been scheduled by the office and confirmed by the teacher and student, the lesson will not be rescheduled or credited.


  • We require at least a month’s notice of plans to withdraw from lessons. Terminations with less than one month’s notice given will be charged four weeks of lessons from notification date. Your balance will need to be reconciled in order to put in notice to withdraw, and require a zero balance to do so. Any outstanding balances will continue to be enrolled unless another arrangement is made.
  • You cannot terminate lessons if you have not paid your existing balance. Your termination date will be determined once your balance has been reconciled.
  • Withdrawal notification must be submitted to the office at scheduling@modemusicstudios.com. Failure to attend lessons does not qualify as notification. Failure to notify the office does not release a student from his/her financial obligation and is not an acceptable form of notification of intent to withdraw.
  • If a student has 4 consecutive no call / no shows, we will terminate the student’s lessons, we will release the student’s spot in the schedule, and the student will be charged for all 4 of the missed lessons.
  • Students who withdraw at any time will forfeit any unused reschedules or make-up lessons.


  • We are closed Thursday October 31 for Halloween, Thursday November 28 for Thanksgiving, December 24-25 for Christmas and 12/31-1/1. We do have lessons on “bank holidays” including MLK Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day and Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Drop Off/Reception

  • Students should arrive 5 minutes before their scheduled lesson to be given time to use the restroom or grab some water and gather their things for the lesson. If a student is 15 or more minutes late they’re considered a “no show” and are unable to receive any credit or make-up.
  • Mode is a family-friendly environment; however, noise levels in the waiting area should be kept to a minimum as to not disturb lessons and other families.

Summer Lessons

  • We do continue lessons throughout the summer!
  • If you’re taking the summer off, we require a minimum 2 week notice to withdraw from lessons by emailing scheduling@modemusicstudios.com.
  • Summer is a great time for families to get their preferred time slot. If you continue through summer your lesson time will continue into fall. Your schedule will take priority to those who have left. We encourage students to continue throughout the summer to minimize loss in a music education momentum. Coming back in the fall and signing up as a “new student” could be difficult. Special arrangements can be made for families who leave for the entire summer.
  • We offer one optional lesson credit in July as well as one optional lesson credit in August for vacation time. You can choose to use this credit or continue with lessons as usual. If you’re only going to be gone for 2 or 3 weeks, we can easily get you in weekend make-up classes to cover those missed days.
  • If it’s important that you come back in the fall to the same teacher or the same time, we offer a “summer hold” which guarantees your time slot will be held until you resume lessons. 50% of the cost of lessons holds your spot! Summer holds are effective until the end of August.
  • We do understand not all families’ schedules are able to accommodate private lessons in the summer and we will do our best to fit you back in with your preferred teacher in the fall. For those who DO take the summer off, please contact us in mid-August to get back in the September fold.

Email us with any questions regarding summer policies.

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