Summer Camps

Summer camps in 2021 will be held in accordance with state and local recommendations for Covid-19. Our vision is an hybrid model that combines a morning online class and a safely distanced in-person afternoon class. Stay tuned to this page as details about our 2021 Summer Camp season emerges.


Our Online Camps will operate in a LIVE Google Classroom for the full two hours. We will use writing assignments, scavenger hunts, adventures, and other art led activities to keep our students off the screen as much as possible. Our teachers are really excited about being able to offer classes this summer while providing a creative outlet for our kids.

Our online summer camps serve ages 6-15 years

– AM Camp 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
– PM Camp 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Pricing structure TBD

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Summer Camp and Break Camp Withdrawal and Refund Policy

If camp canceled by MMPA: Full refund. Withdrawals more than 2 weeks before the start of the program: Full refund for each individual student registration, less $50. Withdrawals 2 weeks or less before the start of the program: 50% refund. Switching between programs is allowed, based on availability. There is a switching fee of $25 per switch.


“I think this camp was really enriching for Violet… I feel this camp has helped strengthen her natural talent and built some additional confidence. Thank you for that!”

MMPA Summer Camp Family 2018

“Thank you! Oskar learned so much and we’re so thankful that you showed him how to think more creatively as he’s typically a non-fiction only kind of kid.”

MMPA Summer Camp Family 2018

Below you’ll find some information about the summer camps we ran in 2020. Though some of the class themes will remain the same, it’s worth noting that our teachers and students have had a year of experience with distanced learning so we are looking forward to a really fun and vibrant camp season in 2021 with as few hiccups as possible.

Beginning Voice (Ages 7-13)

We want to year you sing! You will learn important skills for singing including breathing techniques, vowel exercises, head voice and chest voice, and jumping intervals. We will play a lot of super fun games over video call as well as enjoy performances by guest singers. Finally, you will get to choose between 3 song options provided by your instructor and make a video cover, which we will watch as a watch party on the last day. This is sure to kick off your quarantine hobby as a singer!
Taught by Bess Hepner

Hamilton Play Creation (Ages 8-13)

In this exciting musical theatre camp, we will learn about the life of Alexander Hamilton and America’s history by studying excerpts of music and scenes from Lin Manuel Miranda’s smash Broadway hit, Hamilton. Students will learn musical theatre fundamentals such as character development and improvisation, as well as basic vocal performance and dance techniques.
Taught by Jessie Selleck

Intro to Rock Guitar (Ages 9-15)

Let’s get ready to rock! In 5 days you will learn how to play power chords, learn how to play a solo and create a combo video of you soloing and playing rhythm guitar, which we will watch as a watch party. Your video will be a cover of 3 different options provided by the instructor. In addition, you will enjoy performances of professional guitarists and ask them questions. We want to jumpstart your future life as a rock star!
Taught by Bess Hepner

Screenplay and Filmmaking for Beginners (Ages 9-15)

Action! Cut and Print! It’s the perfect time to learn a new way to tell our stories. In this class we will explore filmmaking with the I Movie app. In this class, students will gain a 101 understanding of what we need to film our movies and get them ready to be seen. We will explore sound, color, dialogue, location, editing and final cut to bring our stories to life.
Taught by Gina Malvestuto

Musical Theatre Revue and History (Ages 8-14)

The performing arts have been entertaining and inspiring us all for as long as anyone can remember. There is a colorful, exciting history behind all of your favorite plays and musicals that exist today. In this class we’ll learn about groundbreaking composers, choreographers, performers, and more who helped pave the way for modern musical theatre. We will celebrate this rich history by learning and performing songs that represent different periods of musical theatre history.
Taught by Jessie Selleck

How to Record a Song for Beginners (Ages 9-15)

In this class, students will learn how to record a cover or original of their choice using at-home technology and materials. Students will need a device (tablet or laptop) and ability to access an additional downloadable application. Playing with multi-tracking, levels and basic recording knowledge, students will leave with a finished product and a lifelong skill.

Beginning Ukulele (Ages 7-13)

Come learn ukulele with us! Whether you’ve played before or have never picked one up, our group ukulele class gives students the opportunity to pick up an instrument that they can take with them anytime, anywhere. Basic knowledge of the instrument is introduced while learning to tune, strum, read tablature and read chord charts. Students will leave being able to pick out simple, familiar melodies and play a few 3 chord campfire songs. Each class will prompt a 15-30 min practice or play-along.
Taught by Kevin Murphy

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Playwriting 101 (Ages 9-15)

Let’s write a play! In a week’s time, you will learn the basic constructs and execution of playwriting. Students will learn how to create characters through observation exercises, build scenes with dialogue and structure with a through line incorporating a beginning, middle and end. Expect to walk away from class a playwright!
Taught by Gina Malvestuto

Frozen Play Creation & Musical (Ages 6-10)

This creative and interactive musical theatre summer camp will excite and inspire fans of the Frozen Multiverse. Students will work together to create an original play set in the world of Frozen. We will use our imaginations to create new exciting heroes, villians, and creatures. Students can even create props and costumes to bring their story to life, all while learning theatre fundamentals such as character development, collaboration, and improvisation as well as dance and vocal basics.
Taught by Jessie Selleck

Beat Making and Looping for Beginners (Ages 8-15)

This creative camp will have you making tracks all summer long! Students will work to write and record an original song using beats and loops. Students will need a tablet or laptop to take part and the ability to access an additional downloadable application. Everyone will have a chance to share their final product at the end of the week!

Songwriting (Ages 8-15)

This creative and interactive musical theatre summer camp will excite and inspire fans of The Little Mermaid. Students will work together to create an original play set. We will use our imaginations to create new exciting heroes and villains. Students can even create props and costumes to bring their story to life, all while learning theatre fundamentals such as character development, collaboration, and improvisation as well as dance and vocal basics.

Songwriting (Ages 8-15)

Have you ever made up a song, a rhyme or a melody? Anybody can write a song! This class will explore the basics of getting into songwriting. Songs can be funny, personal or abstract expressions. There are no rules when it comes to songwriting – all you need is a little push. This camp will give you a little nudge in the right direction and discuss how to approach your own style in a personalized way.
Taught by Kevin Murphy

Harry Potter Play Creation (Ages 7-12)

This class is a huge hit with avid Harry Potter fans and muggles alike! We will dive into the world of witchcraft and wizardry, studying scenes from the movies and books as well as working together to create an original play set in the Harry Potter universe. Students will learn how to tell a story together and explore their creativity as playwrights by making their own new characters. This program teaches valuable theatre skills such as character development, improvisation, and collaboration.
Taught by Jessie Selleck

Sock Puppet Theatre (Ages 6-10)

Get out your single socks! We will create sock puppets, create mini props and stage accessories for each of our video backgrounds, and write a play that our puppets will perform over video call. The final product will be a recorded video call of our puppets co-performing from their respective boxes.
Taught by Bess Hepner

How to Make a Home Music Video (Ages 9-15)

Find a song and make a video! Students will learn how to simply piece together footage and edit to create a music video in a week’s time. This camp will require a phone or tablet for recording (cameras are also welcome) and a tablet or laptop for editing. We hope to have a summer of creativity and inspire more music videos in their future!

Intro to The Beatles (Ages 6-10)

The Beatles have been broken up for 50 years now but they don’t seem to ever go away. Their songs are instantly recognizable and ingrained in our world. This class will focus on the lasting cultural impact of The Beatles as well as their history, songwriting, and influence on music as a whole.
Taught by Kevin Murphy

Theatre: Behind The Scenes (Ages 8-14)

Have you ever wondered what’s happening on the other side of the curtain? Join us as we take a look beyond the stage to find out just what it takes to make a play or a musical possible. You need so much more than actors on stage to put on a show. From lighting and set design to costumers and choreographers, students will learn all about the dozens of people working behind the scenes to make theatre magic a reality. Put your technical skills to the test with crafts and activities that will encourage you to get creative and find new ways to bring a story to life!
Taught by Jessie Selleck