My name is Isaiah. I am 12 years old. I can be shy at times until I warm up and get to know everybody.  I enjoy gaming, legos, taking things apart and putting them back together. I love to read graphic novels. My passions are basketball, skating and swimming. Science is my favorite subject and one day I want to be a doctor. I would love to learn to play the drums.



My name is Kimora and I’m 7. I am very outgoing and I love the outdoors. I love to sing, dance and play instruments. Music is my favorite. I like to meet new friends, skate and swim with my big brother, gymnastics and play with my baby dolls. I would love  to take voice lessons.



I live in the Delridge neighborhood. I am a quiet kid.  I like to read, cook, play with my dog and go to the library. I love to sing and dance. I am interested in taking voice lessons.



I’m Seraphim! I live in West Seattle. My personality is all over the place. I’m an introverted person. I really like to hang out with my pet rats. I like to sing, write music and dance with my free time. I would like to take voice lessons.



Hi, my name is Izzy. I like to watch YouTube and play videogames like Hitman, Call of Duty and Fortnite. I also like singing in the shower! I like to sing pop songs. I like nightcore sometimes. Nightcore is this thing on the internet where you sing songs but in a different way. They have an anime background in the videos. The pitch can go higher or lower than the original song. I also like to play with my guinea pig, kitten, rabbit and cat. Sometimes when I want to calm down, I like to look at my fish when they have a clean tank.