Our Philosophy

Our teaching style incorporates all types of learning. All of our students are exposed to technique, ear training, sight reading, chart reading, composition, arranging and some even singing and songwriting. We have a background of playing live in bands and continue to put ourselves through private lessons. We can’t get enough from learning and growing personally to keep up with our students and put ourselves in the students’ seat.

Private lessons give us the freedom to apply different approaches for each individual child’s learning style. We are sensitive to the student and their needs. There is a general lesson plan with a lot of room for amendment and we enjoy each lesson as a chance to give the student exactly what they need based on their interests and ability.

Although we provide two recital performance opportunities a year, we don’t view our style as performance based. Building a repertoire and having songs available at all times is a priority and we love being able to show it off at our winter and spring recitals at The Sanctuary at Admiral. We also offer rock band camps in the summertime to encourage playing music with others and the chance to experience a different type of performance. The Skylark Cafe has provided us with their stage to do so and gives the kids a day to show off their talents on a rock stage. It’s one of our favorite times of year for the children!

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our philosophy. This has worked for 99% of the kids that we have had the pleasure of teaching and we find that, from our own personal childhood piano lessons, when music is fun they will stick with it, and learn in the process!