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Voice Lessons

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Erin Rubin

Erin has been playing music since the age of four. At twelve, she was on stage with the local working musicians at The Scarlet Tree every Tuesday night. She has written music for and performed with many Seattle bands including: Wesafari, The Exploding High-Fives, People Eating People, and “Nouela.” Erin has worked as a hired studio musician since the age of 17 in Bellingham, Seattle and Los Angeles. Erin found her calling as a teacher in her early twenties and dedicated over three years at Westside Music Academy.  She believes a healthy balance of technique, theory and arranging songs the child loves is the fast track to any student’s success in music lessons. Ready to go out on her own, she started Erin Rubin Piano Studios in the basement of her West Seattle home in 2010.

Erin teaches piano and voice.

David Totten

In his youth, David started picking on the guitar and never set it down. He is trained in rock, folk, and jazz. David’s curriculum focuses on finding a musical style or idea that resonates with his student and using it as a springboard into theory, sight reading, and ear training. He loves teaching all different kinds of styles, but his personal favorites include metal, progressive rock, and American Primitive–an acoustic folk movement from the 60’s and 70’s, that blends ragtime, blues, folk, and world music into a unique blend of Americana. He believes that learning an instrument should be fun, therapeutic and a valuable creative outlet. He has toured the country and played in many bands and stuff.

David teaches songwriting, ukulele, vocals, piano and drums.

Rachel Ewen

Rachel was raised in a family of musicians and has been pursuing a life in music from an early age. Her experience in music began with taking private voice, and piano lessons throughout her childhood and participating in musical theater productions. She was trained as a classical vocalist and moved on to focus on jazz vocals and composition while studying at Cornish College of the Arts. She has been involved in the Seattle music community since 2010, writing music and performing with various local and touring artists from the Pacific Northwest. Her lessons are tailored to fit each student’s musical interests and strengths.

Rachel teaches piano and voice.

Craig Suede

Craig is transplant from San Diego where he played music for a living in casinos, bars and restaurants between tours, travel, and shows. He got his musical start singing in various audition choirs, competing in vocal competitions, and performing in musical theater. He started playing guitar in 8th grade and that began shaping his future path of songwriting and singing/playing guitar in a variety of bands. He currently fronts and tours with the indie rock band Happy Heartbreak, sings harmonies and plays lead guitar for local pop-soul/ R&B singer Young-Chhaylee, and plays lead guitar and performs harmonies/alt-voicings for emo-revival/post-hardcore band, Dearheart.

After several years of running education programs for students and teachers around the World, Craig has decided to settle in Seattle and re-focus his efforts on music and its local educational impact. He bases his teaching strategies in brain-based learning and finding simple connections between music theory and the joy of playing music. The ability to connect and express through music increases confidence and critical thinking. Strengthening these skills can also increase retention of information in other areas and improve quality of living. Music and learning should both be joyful experiences that encourage us to continue moving forward to connect, create and share.

Craig teaches guitar, vocals, ukulele, and beginning piano.

Erin Rae Murray

Erin Rae Murray has been singing her little heart out professionally for the last few years although her love for music goes as far back as she can remember. Her childhood was steeped in the rich four-part harmonies of the Mennonite tradition and the daily DJing her father did around the house. In elementary school, she sang in choir and fronted musicals, picked up the guitar in high school, and sang in gospel choir in college. After graduating, she spent her time adventuring and teaching around the world; from teen empowerment in the mountains of Guatemala, to preschool in urban El Salvador, to 6th grade English in South Korea, to Spanish at a Montessori school here in Seattle. All of which has brought her here to Mode, where she couldn’t be happier to finally combine her passion for teaching with her love for music.

Erin teaches voice, guitar, ukulele and beginning piano.

Heather Dickson

Heather has been a music lover her entire life. She started competing as a classical pianist at the age of 6. She completed all 10 levels of the Certificate of Merit program (California) and has a strong background in music theory, sight reading, ear training, and performance. Heather attended the University of Utah on scholarship as a Piano Performance Major. She is also the bass player/backup singer in the local band, Tiger Rider. Heather is currently attending UW for Entrepreneurship, and hopes to one day use her degree to spread music through her community. She loves both classical and rock music, and believes that a strong rhythmic background is the key to appreciating and playing music.

Heather teaches piano, bass, guitar, ukulele, and voice.

Cristina Bautista

Cristina Bautista was three years old when she discovered her personal north star: early 90s MTV. However, she found little joy in her childhood piano lessons and never connected what she learned in choirs and school musicals with the music she loved. Then at age nine, she unearthed her mom’s pawn shop guitar. Armed with the chords to “House of the Rising Sun” and a sense of wonder, Cristina became a songwriter, learning through a combination of independent experimentation and research. Upon moving to Seattle, she found her home in the local music community, starting her first band and performing professionally when she was 14. This gave her the confidence and drive she needed to thrive in private voice lessons and the music program at Bellevue College before moving to Los Angeles to study vocal performance at the Musicians Institute. Craving the community she left behind, Cristina returned to Seattle to record, perform, and tour with numerous artists and bands including Visqueen, Shelby Earl, and the Seattle Rock Orchestra in addition to her own solo project.

At Mode, Cristina emphasizes self-awareness and empowerment through music and enjoys helping students discover their own strengths and goals by tailoring lessons and exercises to individual needs and interests.

Cristina teaches voice, beginning piano, bass, guitar and ukulele.

Eva Walker

Eva teaches voice, piano, guitar, ukulele and drums.

Jordan Lowe

Jordan is a Seattle area native and has always loved to make music. His first instrument was the piano, but after joining choir at the end of high school and singing a cappella in college, voice became his favorite. Above all, he loves to JAM, which he does every Sunday at the Hummingbird Saloon in Columbia City. He writes, sings, and plays keys with his band Swingset.

Jordan teaches piano, voice, guitar and ukulele.

Sphie Holman

Sphie is a singer, songwriter, pianist and music producer. Trained from age seven in classical opera, musical theater and piano, she also had a thriving curiosity in improvisation, songwriting and pop performance from a young age. Because of this, her teaching style compliments a multi-genre curriculum. She also intertwines traditional theory, technique and performance while accommodating individuality and creativity within each student. Sphie offers a fun, relaxed and creative approach to singing, piano, songwriting and music performance lessons. She believes that education is an individualized process and thrives on growing healthy minds through compassionate and interactive learning. She received an A.A.S. in Vocal Performance from McNally-Smith College of Music where she studied recording arts, songwriting, pop stage performance and music business.

In addition to private vocal, piano and performance lessons, she generates curriculum for inner-city music programs. These programs focus on generating compassion, self-confidence, communication and collaboration. Sphie is a solo recording and touring artist, dancer and music video producer. She is also a yoga & mindfulness instructor and vibrational sound therapist. Through these mediums, she also offers classes and workshops focused on healing trauma and bringing positive self-awareness to individuals and communities.

Sphie teaches voice, piano, guitar and ukulele.

Alina Turnipseed

Russian-Israeli vocalist Alina has been involved in the performing arts from a young age. Alina was trained as a contemporary (pop/rock) vocalist and classical pianist, and in recent years was immersed in the jazz world through her studies at Cornish College of the Arts, where she received her Bachelor’s degree.

Alina is an attentive and nurturing teacher and makes it a priority to ensure her students are not only learning the necessary skills but are also developing a life-long appreciation for music. She believes in teaching students to be well-rounded musicians by incorporating technique, ear-training, rhythm, theory, sight-reading, and improvisation, to name a few. Her multicultural upbringing and passion for traveling helps her connect with her students.

Alina teaches voice and piano.

Brian Baille

Brian teaches voice, piano, guitar, ukulele and bass.

Brian Noyes-Watkins

Brian began playing piano at the age of eight, and writing songs at fourteen. He became heavily involved in middle and high school orchestras where he played upright bass. Brian has had a joy for songwriting and composition since his teen years. He moved from California to Washington in 2008 where he attended Cornish College of The Arts, studying Theatre. Brian formed the baroque pop band Tomten in 2010 with fellow Cornish students. Tomten has released four records, toured nationally, and internationally, on a trip to Iceland where they played at Reykjavik’s Menningarnott festival. The group has performed with acts such as Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Pickwick, and Papercuts. In 2016 He founded independent record label Plume Records with his bandmate Dillon Sturtevant in order to help release more new music from local bands. Brian is excited to share his love of music and acting at Mode through teaching piano, guitar, and assisting with theatre classes. He also looks forward to working with students who express a desire to write their own songs, or have an interest in synthesizers.

Brian teaches voice, piano, guitar and ukulele.