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We at Mode Music Studios are committed to keeping a safe, stable learning environment for our students of all ages. We are following the latest WA state and City of Seattle guidelines. At this time, all voice lessons are being held virtually.

Voice lessons are available 7 days a week. Sign up here! 

Lucas Van Linden (he/him) - Online Only
Piano - Voice - Guitar - Ukulele - Violin

After being asked to sing with a contemporary music ensemble at church, an 8-year-old Lucas learned the thrill of performing. His first ventures into music were mostly at other churches, where he gained the confidence he needed to audition for community musical theater. Known for his singing ability, he won roles in a variety of productions and joined the Repertoire Touring Company, a musical theater troupe that performed for local schools. After many years of performing in musicals and with his school's choral ensembles, he began writing his own songs, eventually performing them for local talent shows and showcases.

Lucas graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a B.M. in Vocal Performance. This degree program included four years of classical voice training as well as music theory, music history, ear training, piano study, and music composition. Out of undergrad, he continued to sing classically, eventually coming back to songwriting. A new addition to the Seattle music scene, he has been frequenting open mics and finding opportunities to perform his music while also teaching here at Mode. He has years of experience teaching beginner to advanced voice students of all ages, and has developed his skills with teaching beginner to intermediate piano students.

VENMO: @Lucas-VanLinden PAYPAL: vanlindenvoice@gmail.com CASHAPP: $LucasVanLinden

Nimm Lefcourt (they/them) - West Seattle
Voice - Piano

Nimm Lefcourt is a classically trained vocalist who has been singing and training for 13 years. They graduated with a Bachelor's of Music in May 2021, and have experience singing various kinds of music. Half of their BA was done through the lens of musical theatre, where they performed in various musicals and recitals, and the other half of their BA was done with a focus in opera and modern classical composing. Now, alongside practicing opera, Nimm enjoys learning different renditions of video game and movie scores on the piano. They also enjoy writing music for tabletop role playing games, and will often do custom themes and songs for various characters. Their interests outside of music are video games, animals, and crystals.

Nimm’s hope is to always help students enjoy music as much as they do, and make sure they are always excited to learn more. They always endeavor to strike a balance between learning music the student has interest in, and focusing on the building blocks of music. Nimm is also always open to changing their teaching style based on the student’s needs, goals, and learning style.

VENMO: @nimm-lefcourt

Daisy Sky (she/her) - West Seattle
Cello - Voice - Violin - Viola - Piano - Ukulele - Songwriting

Daisy Sky grew up immersed in music. Her father, George Shangrow, was a prominent figure in Seattle’s classical music scene and there were always rehearsals, auditions, and post-concert parties happening in her home. Her mother, Julie Reed, is an active cellist and singer, so Daisy Sky was enveloped in the vibrations of cello and voice before she was even born. Daisy Sky started on violin and piano before she even started kindergarten, but realized within a couple of years that she was truly born to play the cello. She studied privately with Mara Finkelstein for nearly ten years, and she played in the Seattle Youth Symphony, Young Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra, Orchestra Seattle, and in several school orchestras and chamber ensembles growing up.

After a series of mental and physical injuries that she incurred through competitive classical playing, Daisy Sky shifted her attention to the healing potential of playing music, which is a primary focus in her teaching. Daisy Sky received her BA in Psychology from The Evergreen State College and she applies her learning to create an environment for students that is developmentally appropriate and nurtures continual growth. Daisy Sky is committed to teaching students to play their instruments in a way that supports positive mental and physical health as well as greater mindfulness, self-expression, emotional intelligence, and confidence! Daisy Sky is passionate about using music as a tool for empowerment with her students of all ages, and brings an encouraging, uplifting attitude into the lesson room.

Daisy Sky also is an avid singer and songwriter! She has led sections in Northwest Girlchoir and the Amherst College Choir, and was a singer in the Seattle Chamber Singers and various church and school choirs. From a young age, she studied music theory, ear training, music history, performance, and creative expression at the Seattle Conservatory of Music. Since 2019, Daisy Sky has been singing and playing cello with Wolfchild, a Seattle-based indie band. She hopes to support her students in developing a foundation to fully express their creativity in any style of music they want to play.

VENMO: @cellodaisy PAYPAL: dshangrow@gmail.com CASHAPP: $dshang

Taylor Jensen (she/her) - Online Only
Cello - Piano - Voice

Taylor is a recording and performing cellist and singer-songwriter. She began playing the cello at four years old at the Colburn School in Los Angeles, CA, and received her Bachelor of Musical Arts from the University of Michigan, primarily studying cello and improvisational studies. Taylor merges her technical abilities from a classical upbringing along with her passion for improvisation, recording, and songwriting, which has led Taylor to work in a variety of genres, including classical, jazz, and singer-songwriter to indie rock, folk, and hip-hop. She has performed across the country and internationally for music festivals, tours, and session work thanks to her versatility. Some of her notable festival lineups include Iceland Airwaves (Reykjavik, Iceland), South by Southwest (Austin, TX), the College Music Journal Music Marathon (New York, NY), and of course, Seattle’s own Capitol Hill Block Party.

VENMO: @ty_lr

Taylor aims to share the limitless possibilities for self-expression that music can offer with her students. She is currently working her first album as a singer-songwriter and is also learning how to play the tenor guitar. She also loves to paint, draw, camp, garden, and draws inspiration from the natural world and the people around her.

Craig Suede (he/him) - West Seattle
Guitar - Voice - Ukulele - Piano

Craig is transplant from San Diego where he played music for a living in casinos, bars and restaurants between tours, travel, and shows. He got his musical start singing in various audition choirs, competing in vocal competitions, and performing in musical theater. He started playing guitar in 8th grade and that began shaping his future path of songwriting and singing/playing guitar in a variety of bands. He currently fronts and tours with the indie rock band Happy Heartbreak, sings harmonies and plays lead guitar for local pop-soul/ R&B singer Young-Chhaylee, and plays lead guitar and performs harmonies/alt-voicings for emo-revival/post-hardcore band, Dearheart.

After several years of running education programs for students and teachers around the World, Craig has decided to settle in Seattle and re-focus his efforts on music and its local educational impact. He bases his teaching strategies in brain-based learning and finding simple connections between music theory and the joy of playing music. The ability to connect and express through music increases confidence and critical thinking. Strengthening these skills can also increase retention of information in other areas and improve quality of living. Music and learning should both be joyful experiences that encourage us to continue moving forward to connect, create and share.

VENMO: @CraigSuede

Celeste Felsheim (she/her), (they/them) - West Seattle
Voice - Songwriting - Guitar - Piano

With experience in both professional orchestras and rock bands, Celeste is a lover and appreciator of many different musical genres. Celeste is a Seattle native who got her musical start at the youth summer program, Rain City Rock Camp as well as the global year long program School of Rock. (yes, it’s just like the movie!)

Celeste currently attends Cornish College of the Arts, pursuing a Bachelor's of Music in composition and songwriting, and she also plays all around Washington under the stage name King Sheim with a band of rotating Seattle musicians. She loves to teach the passionate beginner and the weekend musical-lover alike!

VENMO: @celeste-felsheim

Veronique Littlefield (she/her) - West Seattle/In-Home
Piano - Ukulele - Voice

Veronique was introduced to the piano at the age of 7. She was born and raised in Marseille, France. She was trained classically and attended her city conservatory from 11 to 17 years old. She moved to Seattle at age 22 as an Au Pair to become fluent in English.

Veronique eventually met her husband Chris Littlefield, a professional, local musician. She’s always been passionate about early childhood education and taught preschool for the last 20 years. As well as continuing to play the piano as an adult, she learned to play the ukulele and enjoys singing in French, English and Portuguese.

She is currently tutoring French to students of all ages and is passionate about teaching, connecting with her students, and finding ways to teach each student (young and old) in their best learning styles.

Rachel Ewen (she/her) - West Seattle
Voice - Piano - Guitar - Ukulele - Flute

Rachel Ewen is a Seattle based vocalist, songwriter, and educator. She has taught voice, piano, and guitar for 6+ years, and strives to nurture confidence and creativity in her students. She is a classically trained vocalist who specializes in a variety of vocal styles such as pop, jazz, R&B and musical theatre. Rachel has performed with various bands and musicians throughout her career such as Mary Lambert, Jimmie Herrod, Baby Jessica, and Maiah Manser. Let's make music together!

VENMO: @Rachel-Ewen