Group Classes



All of our group classes are available to make up for a missed private lesson. Each lesson missed (30 minute or 60 minute) will cash in for one full hour-long group class. All sign-up procedures below apply.
All ages are welcome. Sign ups are available MondayFriday through phone, email or the front desk by 7:00pm Fridays before the scheduled class. Drop-in is available at the time of class and will depend on capacity.

Email us at [email protected] or fill out our register form and the emergency form to secure your spot.

Classes taught by the Mode Music staff.



Taught by Erin Rae Murray
Saturdays 3:00-4:00


Our Vocal Basics class introduces vocal techniques for the beginner and fine-tunes those techniques for the more advanced. Erin Rae will work on breathing while improving your range, pitch while improving your tone and, depending on the size of the class, several part harmonies to encourage group vocals and ensemble participation. This is a great class to add to your current instrument or to see just how far your vocal abilities can take you in a group setting. 10 students max.




Taught by Eva Walker
Sundays 3:00-4:00


Our open band practice is a chance for kids of all ages to get together and play. No pressure of a performance, just finding ways to communicate through instruments they’re either familiar with or try instruments they’ve never had the opportunity to try. Drummers and bass players may find this especially beneficial when paired with private lessons, but all instruments are encouraged for a better overall experience. 6 students max.




Taught by Heather Dickson
Saturdays 3:00-4:00


Our advanced theory and performance class gives students an opportunity to further understand music and gain confidence in their performance. Heather will tailor the day’s subject matter to whoever is in attendance. Students are encouraged to come prepared with theory questions and/or a musical piece to perform. Feel free to bring your instrument, as the group may perform for each other and give guided and constructive feedback. Any student at any skill level is welcome- theory knowledge and performance practice are beneficial at any stage.




Taught by Alex Meyers
Wednesdays 7:00-8:00


Our Intro to Ukulele class teaches basic strumming techniques and chords to beginners, and introduces more advanced techniques to those with experience. Alex will focus the lesson to accommodate whoever is in attendance, by connecting the lesson material to each student’s primary lesson goals. Students who have little to no experience with stringed instruments are encouraged to attend, as ukulele is a great instrument for introducing students to the family of stringed instruments.