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Gianni Aiello (he/him) - West Seattle
Bass - Guitar - Piano - Drums - Ukulele

Gianni Aiello is a Burien born multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and performer. He is driven by a strong musical curiosity which has taken him from learning Beatles tunes on the piano as a child to touring across the country in his rock band Naked Giants. In addition to his bass work with Naked Giants, he has played guitar and piano with Car Seat Headrest on such stages as Madison Square Garden, the Tonight Show, and Primavera Sound in Barcelona, and he also plays drums in the Seattle-based band Pablo’s Legs.

The desire to be a lifelong student of music keeps Gianni reaching for the next steps, and he believes that same desire can be found in anyone. His lessons focus on exploring what excites each student about music - whether it’s personal expression through songwriting, intellectual development through theory and analysis, or just the sheer fun of jamming! While basic techniques are fundamental to any field, Gianni seeks to create a low-pressure learning environment where a student’s progress is determined not by their technical skill but by their enthusiasm for music.

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Brandon Bermudez (he/him) - West Seattle
Drums - Music Production - Bass Guitar - Ukulele - Piano - Guitar

Brandon has been a working musician, producer, and engineer in the Seattle/Tacoma area for the past decade. He regularly plays in and around the Seattle area and sometimes tours in other countries. Brandon frequently collaborates with many professional musicians in the area. Recently, he's played bass with prog-rock band Bone Cave Ballet and alt-rock band Starry-Eyed Samurai, and drums with both new-wavers Trick Candles and pop-fusion band Nitrogen Lion Society.

Brandon believes that consistency, versatility, and attitude are the traits that make great musicians. With his interactive-guidance teaching approach, the student controls the pacing of each lesson, which alleviates classroom anxiety and helps the lesson material become more comprehensible. With a heavy emphasis on creativity and technique, Brandon will improve the understanding of rhythm and the ability to perform in many styles of music by sharing from his 20+ years of composition and performance experience.

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Ricky Claudon (he/him) - West Seattle
Piano - Guitar - Ukulele - Bass Guitar

Ricky brings together his background as a tutor and paraeducator with his lifetime experience in music for an individualized approach to music education that focuses on memory, fluency, and music appreciation. As a working musician he has spent time developing his skill by adapting and learning a variety of styles on piano and guitar.

In piano, he specializes in theory, memorization, performance, and improvisation, has a deep knowledge of classical style and teaches popular Baroque and Romantic repertoire. Ricky also teaches Blues, R&B, and Rock & Roll styles, and in general encourages his students to explore a diverse range of music.

In guitar/uke/bass, Ricky enjoys teaching finger picking style, improvisation, and basic theory. He also teaches students who want to learn to sing+play, and write their own music. He specializes in combining rhythmic and lyrical styles and teaches techniques on how to effectively memorize lyrics and changes in songs.

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Jeff King (he/him)
Bass / Cello / Violin / Guitar / Piano
Jeff began his journey as a musician when he was a young student, taking lessons for contra (upright) bass violin, as well as playing it in school orchestras and jazz bands. As an adult Jeff continued to grow his instrumental skills, learning cello, viola, and violin, as well as guitar, bass (guitar), drums, and piano.

As a professional musician Jeff has recorded, performed, and toured with various bands over the past twenty years. For thirteen of those years Jeff was also a music venue manager, booker, and live sound engineer. Jeff is currently in two bands and occasionally works as a freelance studio musician.

Jeff lives in the Ravenna neighborhood with his partner Lara, their dog Emmitt, and their cat Hunter

Max Cobb (he/him) - West Seattle
Guitar - Piano - Bass - Ukulele

Max is a professional musician based in the Seattle area. He studied jazz theory and guitar performance at Gonzaga University, and has performed professionally at events in and around Seattle and Austin, TX for over 10 years. Max has taught guitar, bass, keys, vocals, and ukulele to students of all ages - he's been teaching private lessons for over 10 years with kids as young as 5, to adults, seniors, and neurodivergent students. In addition to MODE he teaches privately through his own business Max Cobb Music, and with a nonprofit, The Cobb Foundation NW, where he is on the board of directors and provides music lessons for scholarship students.

Blake Madden (he/him) - Online only
Electric Bass - Upright Bass - Guitar - Music Theory - Songwriting - Ukulele

Blake Madden has twenty years of experience composing, recording, and  performing music in New York and Seattle. He is the bass player and musical director for the Prince tribute band Purple Mane, and the bassist, lead singer, and principal composer for his own noir pop group, Hotels. Blake has performed live on KEXP, studied music theory and composition through the Pacific Northwest Film scoring program, and studied electric bass with Todd Kovell at Seattle School of Strings.

VENMO: @SoupIsLove

Matt Moore (he/him) - Online Only
Saxophones - Clarinet - Flute - Guitar - Bass Guitar - Ukulele - Piano - Drums

Matt Moore is from Austin, Texas. He picked up guitar at the age of 7. In middle school, he began with the saxophone. During high school, he learned piano and drums. Through college, he learned to play the clarinet and flute as well as perfected the rest of the instruments he teaches. Matt graduated cum laude from the University of North Texas at the Music School with a B.M. in Jazz Studies. From then, he has performed in many professional bands and formed his own groups, such as Nowsterday. Matt has a vast amount of experience in all the instruments he teaches.

Matt likes to combine what the students want to learn with his knowledge of that particular style of music. He likes to integrate music theory lessons as well as teaching to read and write music. Most importantly, he wants his students to have fun during lessons and gain a deep love for music and their instrument.

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Nate Rogers (he/him) - West Seattle
Piano - Guitar - Ukulele

Nate Rogers has a diverse background in the arts, having worked on professional film sets and for literary journals, but music has been the constant throughout his life; his musical endeavors (and teaching) are informed by that multitalent background. His first and primary instrument is the piano, which he studied classically starting in the first grade and continued to do so actively through college. He also began playing in jazz combos and rock bands starting in middle school, the age at which he also picked up guitar and saxophone.

An occasional DJ, Nate listens widely and loves drawing connections between diverse styles of music across the world, in his own playing and his teaching. He has played in numerous bands in Seattle, including Friends and Family, Pampa, ANDY, and The Quiet Ones, and they have played alongside such notable groups as The Polyphonic Spree, The Moondoggies, and Blitzen Trapper, both in the Northwest and on tour. He loves to instill the same diversity of interest in students that his own teachers gave to him.

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Ken Jacobson (he/him) - Vashon
Guitar - Classical Guitar - Bass - Oud - Piano - Ukulele - Production - Theory - Cello - Dulcimer - Mandolin - Banjo

Ken Jacobsen is a guitarist, cellist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer who currently lives in Tacoma WA and teaches there as well as Vashon Island. He has a degree in classical guitar performance and has performed and recorded many different classical styles including Renaissance, Baroque, Spanish/Flamenco, Brazilian guitar, Tango and modern music. He performs regularly as a solo guitarist and with various ensembles including Tacomas's Verde ensemble and the Vashon-Maury Island Chamber Orchestra.

He also loves playing Jazz guitar, everything from Duke Ellington to Miles Davis and John Coltrane, Bossa Nova, and Cuban Son. Ken has been playing cello as well for many years, beginning in college with an irresistible urge to learn the Bach Cello Suites, and currently performs regularly on electric cello with loops and effects, creating multi-layered ambient soundscapes. His love of world and folk music led him to the Middle Eastern Oud, Hammered Dulcimer, Mandolin and Djembe. Ken's first real instrument was a Fender Stratocaster, and he's always ready for a funky throwdown, having played with bands such as Vashon funk powerhouse Blue Monster. He has more recently been involved in electronic music production and performance, with unique live performances combining hardware synthesizers and drum machines with cello, guitar and percussion. Ken is the Executive Director of Destiny City Music Collective, a Tacoma non-profit dedicated to providing quality, affordable music education and performance opportunities to students or all ages and income levels.

Zeke Bender (he/him) - West Seattle
Drums - Bass - Piano

Zeke Bender was born and raised in Seattle, WA. He was banging on pots and pans as well as everything he could get his hands on until his parents relented and allowed him to get a drum kit when he was 8 years old. For years he studied under local drumming savant Mike Peterson, who helped him foster a love for all styles of drumming. He is always striving to learn new skills and help imbue that same love of music in his students.

Zeke has played in and recorded for many local bands over his 10 years in the Seattle music scene, performing a variety of different genres including rock, country, folk, jazz, & punk. He has also been a part of multiple tours across the United States as a band member as well as a drummer for hire. Zeke believes in taking the time to get to know his students, their musical passions, and their growth as musicians. Stemming from experiences in his own drum education, he believes that listening to and dissecting songs that his students are interested in is equally as important as the traditional aspects of drum lessons, such as technique, posture and rudiments. Zeke finds that perhaps the most important lesson that a music teacher can impart on their students is to find their own passion for music playing, listening, and appreciating.

Yaz Ahsani (she/her/they/them)
Guitar - Bass - Piano - Harmonica

At 9 years old, Yaz asked for her first electric guitar, spending hours memorizing scales and learning patterns by ear. With a fascination for gear, she spent her formative years ripping apart guitars and putting them back together. Her love for music theory and improv matured as a guitarist, bassist, and drummer in her school’s jazz band. After being discovered by a local studio manager, she started working as a session guitarist at 16 and performing regularly. She grew to be heavily influenced by most sub-genres of rock, including the intricacies of math, metal, and most importantly, blues.

Yaz aims to understand what excites students, tailoring lessons to meet whatever their goals are, while secretly slipping in healthy habits and tricks that build a solid foundation. She loves breaking down complex concepts and techniques to be more approachable and prove that anyone can sound great with some perseverance and patience! You can find her playing festivals with local Seattle riot grrrl band, Lemon Boy.

Jesse Stern (he/him) - West Seattle
Bass - Guitar - Ukulele - Voice - Piano - Production

Seattle native Jesse Stern is a bassist and multi-instrumental producer, engineer, podcaster, audio professional, and educator. Over a 20-year career in Los Angeles, he has performed and/or recorded with Gloria Gaynor, Sly Stone, George Clinton, Save Ferris, Jordin Sparks, Weezer, Hanson, Chad Smith (RHCP), Andy Vargas (Santana), and hundreds of other incredible artists from around the world. He also practices and teaches meditation, yoga, self-defense, show/performance coaching, and facilitating vocal & musical instrument body health through breathing and movement.